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Policies must be in place to provide quality teaching to students by providing supports for teachers in areas such as recruitment, retention, and professional development and learning.

High-quality teaching has long been touted as the most important in-school factor that can improve student achievement. Studies reveal that student performance is correlated with the quality of a student’s teachers. Students exposed to consistent high-quality teaching are more likely to attend college, are less likely to become teenage parents, and have higher earnings in adulthood. However,student performance lags when children are taught by low-quality teachers — an effect that compounds over time. Given the critical importance of teacher quality, it is essential that states have policies in place that attract and retain the highest quality teachers possible.

Review of Georgia Landscape


Nationally , Georgia ranks 9th in the quality of policies that govern the teaching profession according to the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Georgia Compared to Top Five Performing States - Overall State Grade 2015

National Council on Teacher Quality. (2015).

National Council on Teacher Quality 2015 State Teacher Policy Yearbook State Rankings

Georgia was ranked 9th overall for the United States with an overall letter grade
of B-. Ratings are compiled across a variety of measures which were given letter grades as stated:

1. Delivering well-prepared teachers. C+
This area focuses on teacher preparation, such as program admission requirements, elementary, middle and high school preparation, assessing professional knowledge and student teaching.
2. Expanding the teacher pool. B-
This area examines alternative certification pathways.
3. Identifying effective teachers. C+
This area is related to teacher evaluations, licensure and equity.
4. Retaining effective teachers. C+
This area focuses on issues of induction, professional development, and compensation.
5. Exiting Ineffective teachers. B
This area examines procedures related to dismissals and reduction of force.

Georgia Compared to Southern Neighbors- 2015 NCTQ State Teacher Policy Yearbook State Rankings

National Council on Teacher Quality. (2015).


International and National Benchmarking



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Keep moving forward;
strong policies in place:

Teacher Preparation – Continue the rigorous teacher preparation program requirements.

Career Ladder – Continue the tiered certification ladder.

Proceed with caution;
policies need some work:

Teacher Preparation – Refine the performance measures for teacher preparation programs.

Teacher Preparation – Strengthen induction programs.

Teacher Preparation – Transition to a full-year clinical model for student teaching.

Teacher evaluation – Allow time to evaluate the teacher effectiveness system.

Alert! Policy missing
or needs immediate attention:

Recognize teachers as professionals.

Examine teacher compensation.

Address teacher equity.